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Promising usher in the spring after the winter of textile machinery
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     Reportedly, China Textile Machinery in the tortuous development after more than 60 years, and finally become a pillar industry, has the innovation ability of independent R & D but in 2012, the textile machinery industry China facing foreign domestic market downturn a double challenge, and further adjust the industrial structure, promote the transformation of growth mode, promote the upgrading of industrial technology, the overall running situation is not optimistic.
    2012 1-12 months, the textile machinery industry to achieve the main business income of 110590000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.54%; to achieve industrial sales output value of 110053000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.31%; realize a total profit of 7237000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 250000000 yuan; 2012 textile export $2242000000, down 0.17% compared to the same.
For the textile machinery industry is not winter, also not the spring, and its future trend also need to intensify the development of textile machinery enterprise.
     Reportedly, the Ministry of industry and information issued guidelines on structural adjustment of textile machinery industry, the textile machinery industry opinion points out: "two" fusion level is low, the application of integrated, modular, automation, informatization of textile machinery design and manufacture of the products is not universal, automatic control level is low, the informationization and the industrialization the organic fusion level needs to be improved.
     In recent years, the development of the textile machinery industry is not stable, with the upgrading of textile machinery automation technology, more importance is self-evident, "eleven five" period, the textile machinery industry China obtained attract people's attention achievements, industrial structure is becoming more rational, the industry scale is expanding constantly, technology standards have markedly improved, markedly enhanced international competitiveness, China has become the world be worthy of the name of the textile machinery manufacturing power, the future of the textile machinery industry not only to go the road of developing technology, the development of more to the integration of the current mobile Internet line, fully open the fusion line under development, as a typical traditional enterprises, the development space of textile machinery is very broad and bright.
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