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Classification of knitting fabric and knitting machinery
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Some common sense, of knitted fabric
According to the different fabric structure, fabric can be divided into knitting and tatting.
Woven fabric is composed of two groups of mutually vertical yarn interweaved, a group called the warp, a group called the weft.
Knitted fabric can be divided into two categories: A warp knitted fabric: as the name suggests is the meridional (straight) from one or more of the warp woven cloth, common screen cloth and Nishibu. Weft knitted fabric: B from latitudinal (horizontal) woven.
Two - cylinder machine and weft knitting machine, flat machine, drum machine is divided into single-sided machine and double-sided, single-sided machine into the fabric of plain weave, double a washing machine, towel machine, hanging machine, automatic machine and jacquard machine, double machine into the interlocking machine, rib machine, automatic machine and jacquard cloth.
1 flat machine: flat machine is generally cylindrical thick needle, used for sweater fabric sheet. In addition, often using the flat knitting machine in the collar and sleeves, because it can weave the size required, without cutting. Flat machine collar and cuff is rib, commonly used with 12G and 14G two, leader of the length limit is determined by the length of the flat machine, the general can be woven to 30 inches. The general flat machine can knit two-color horizontal spacing between the leaders, and it can control. As for jacquard collar will need a jacquard flat machine equipment can be woven into the party.
2 single machine: single machine only footwall needle and needles weaving fabric, so it has obvious bottom points.
Plain weave machine: the main function of plain weave machine is woven plain weave fabric, such as plain, inter row plain etc.. If can design with the yarn nozzle, can weave silk covered cotton plain weave, e.g. with needle containing angular and pin arrangement is woven single bead, lacoste and unit clothing, model of plain weave machine is provided with edges and corners of the level Four, can be arranged in four different height of the pin, then together with needle and close die edges, can some small jacquard fabric sheet.
Double bit clothing: double bit clothing structure is special, the edges and corners with special design, so the machine can only be double bit clothing woven double bit clothing and beads, such as the angular and needle leaf ring replacement, can be woven plain weave cloth etc..
Towel machine: towel machine and shearing machine belong to the same category, strictly speaking there is a difference, respectively, design and guide needles of yarn is towel machine and a plain machine.
Embroidering machine: hanging machine is a new variety of plain weave machine plus suspension after device, it can also be a common fabric of plain weave fabric.
Automatic plain surface machine: automatic plain machine into the computer room, the machinery room two. It is mainly used to weave some cross between cloth, and the cycle and the length of each color is between the theory of infinite length. Automatic machine is able to weave the distance required by the module, mainly due to each mold yarn nozzle are equipped with four pairs of fingers, each finger is connected on the different color yarn, when combined with the fingers of the choice, can control each of the color change. Because each module has only four fingers, so can only be woven on the four-color or less color combination. As for the methods above to see the fabric four-color arrangement of row spacing and yarn can be decided.
Jacquard plain machine: refers to two or more different color yarn weaving different pattern machine. Jacquard plain machine is generally to use flower disc drum etc. needle feeding principle (most of them are like that). In addition to a full computer jacquard machine, computer jacquard machine is called pre will exist for a computer disk pattern data, and then put the disk into the computer loom, by the computer to control the weaving.
Two sided: double-sided machine refers to a cylindrical machine needle plate, interlock machine and not generally referred to, it's just a double-sided machine.
Interlocking machine: due to interlocking organization is a basic organization, structure of interlocking machine is designed for this kind of organization and design. Such models except the left fabric interlock organizations and some gill tissue, not much change. The new out a mix containing needle receivable edges, can also be woven cloth and cloth double-sided hit the chicken.
Rib machine: rib machine and interlocking machine maximum respectively is upper and lower needle groove of the former is arranged between each other, and the latter is the opposite arrangement. Rib machine can weave cloth analogy interlocking machine, it can weave 1*1 rib, 2*2 wick, playing chicken cloth and beads and cloth, or mix of both and casual gill tissue.
Automatic: automatic machine double-sided machine mainly some automatic interlocks between organizations, occasionally some needle fabric organization, it can be divided into two kinds of computer room and machinery.
Double knit jacquard machine: double knit jacquard machine variety, the needle selection principle is roughly the same. Double knit jacquard cloth can be divided into two kinds, one kind is to use different color yarn woven patterns are called color jacquard cloth, jacquard cloth; another kind is used yarn, using jacquard cloth coil arrangement and structure of different formed, called the net color jacquard cloth.
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